Let's talk bones: Why are our bones important?

Without bones, our bodies would be a bit like Jell-O. The 206 bones that make up an adult skeleton help the body in many ways. For example, bones like the skull and vertebra help to protect inside body parts like the brain and spinal cord (respectively). Additionally, all bones, especially large bones like the femurs in the upper legs, provide the body with shape and structure. Furthermore, bones provide movement with the help of muscles, store nutrients like calcium, and produce blood cells in bone marrow. For most people, bones will continue to grow into early adulthood. Thus, it is important to take care of bones by eating healthy foods and getting ample physical activity on a regular basis.

Individuals who build a foundation at an early age for taking care of their bodies, and all of their parts like bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, could be less likely to encounter or develop musculoskeletal issues throughout life. For a quarter of a century, since 1995, Byrnes Health Education (BHE) has been dedicated to its mission of educating and inspiring people of all ages to make healthy choices. In addition to synchronous in-person and live-virtual health education programs, www.LearntobeHealthy.org is the BHE’s fully online delivery platform built with thirteen different (synchronous or asynchronous) eLearning kits.

Free "let's talk bones" home health worksheet

Help get children excited about bones and their body by utilizing this free “Let’s Talk Bones” edition of our “Home Health Worksheets” series. With content inspired by our in-person/live-virtual programs “Inside Story”, “My Healthy Body”, and “Cells to Systems: Skeletal” and activities within our “Fueling My Special Body” eLearning kit, this free worksheet is suggested for students in grades kindergarten through third grade (depending on learning level and adult assistance). With this free worksheet, students will read and use an age-appropriate article (or any other school/parent approved source) to answer five basic questions about bones with an additional STEM bonus question and “Design Your Own Helmet” art opportunity! Adults – Please click here for a key to the worksheet answers.

Want to learn more?

If you are looking for more comprehensive health curriculum, activities within our “Fueling My Special Body” eLearning kit on www.LearntobeHealthy.org will help students experience the importance of bones with our fun friend “Coach Craley”, the “Nutrient Superheroes”, and more! For full access to all of the health content on the website, specifically the fourteen activities in this “Fueling My Special Body” eLearning kit (including a pre/post test, Digestion Journey, Well-Fed Wolf video, Body Systems Detective, MyPlate: Food & Fun, Susie’s Café, Food As Fuel Lab, Nutrient Superheroes, Coach Says, Track That, Fueling Up, Spin the Wheel, and Nutrition Video K-1 or 2-3), join www.LearntobeHealthy.org today!