What is LearntobeHealthy.org?

LearntobeHealthy.org has everything needed to implement health education in the classroom. It houses a collection of kits which include web-based health science education activities with accompanying lesson plans that can be utilized in the classroom, at health education centers, community organizations and at home. Each online kit, or collection of activities, contains a variety of media and educational modalities tied to specific learning objectives and national standards.

Currently, the site contains topics that cover adolescence, nutrition, physical activity, dental health, the five senses, tobacco and inhalants and mental health.

How do I access the activities on the site?

  • After becoming a member, you will have complete access to our eLearning kits, with their accompanying lesson plans, worksheets, and answer keys. Join Now!

How do I join?

What technology is required?

  • There are several types of activities in the eLearning kits that require a computer, LCD or digital projector, projection screen, student computer lab, and/or Internet access.
  • The eLearning kits require specific computer components to be used. Although most computer systems already contain these components, you may need to check with your computer systems administrator or IT professional for further assistance concerning needed computer lab software or district-wide Internet filtering criteria. See Site Requirements.

What does each online kit include?

  • Each online kit includes 9 to 17 related activities that have accompanying lesson plans, answer keys and supplementary materials. The activities also provide the opportunity to incorporate cross-curricular assignments in science, math, and writing.
  • Lesson plans are standards-based with objectives included, and are formatted around the Madeline Hunter Essential Elements Model in order to address the diverse learning styles of all students.
  • A pretest and posttest are also included in each online kit. These tests can be used in a paper/pencil format or as indicated in the lesson plan. Please note: The pretests and posttests are based on the assumption that students will be using all activities in a kit.

How do I incorporate LearntobeHealthy.org into my classroom?

  • The activities found in each online kit can be used to introduce and/or reinforce concepts taught. There are a variety of delivery methods (teacher-led, individual, large group and/or small group) suggested for use within each lesson plan, and can vary depending upon how you want to meet your curriculum needs.
  • Teachers can use a single activity or incorporate as many activities as they'd like into their instruction. Educators are not limited to the parameters of the lesson plan, and we encourage teachers to use a variety of strategies when incorporating the kits into their classroom. For example, the activities can be used for homework assignments, in-class games, note-taking (screen shots can be printed for this purpose), work with partners and small groups to encourage collaborative learning, and as cross-curricular assignments.

If you have questions not addressed in this FAQ, please submit your question to support@learntobehealthy.org.

It's About Health

It's About Health
Our goal is to inspire children, and their families, to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.