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Nutrition & Fitness

Experience the importance of regular physical activity and eating healthy. The cross-curricular activities below follow educational standards, and are sure to keep your students engaged. Detailed lesson plans make implementation a snap. Become a member to get started today!

Elementary School: Grades K-3

Fueling My Special Body eLearning Kit©

Ready for lunch and recess? This kit contains 14 activities for students in grades K-3 that demonstrate the connection between the digestive system, nutrition and the benefits of regular physical activity. With the help of friends like the Amazing Herman, Simon, the Nutrient Superheroes, Red Riding Hood and the "Well-Fed Wolf", students will explore and discover the importance of eating healthy and getting regular exercise.

Elementary School: Grades 4-6

Food & Fitness Field Day eLearning Kit©

It's food & fitness field day at school! Zelda, the nutrition expert, and Heart along with some other familiar faces help 4th, 5th, and 6th graders learn the importance of regular physical activity and eating healthy. Through the 17 activities, students will work their way around the track and field to achieve a healthy lifestyle!

Middle School: Grades 7-9

Fuel Your Performance eLearning Kit©

The human body is an amazing machine that, if properly maintained, will go a long way. This kit of 10 activities puts 7th - 9th grade teens in the driver's seat to help them find out just how important nutrition and physical activity are to keep their bodies performing their best.

High School: Grades 10-12

What's Your Balance? eLearning Kit©

Finding time for school, work, family and friends may seem like a juggling act for most teens, but finding balance doesn’t have to be. This kit of 10 activities empowers teens with the knowledge to incorporate a healthy diet and regular activity into their schedules making it a reality. Students in grades 10-12 learn the importance of nutrition and physical activity to boost their overall wellness.

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