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LearntobeHealthy.org presents a powerful opportunity to impact people around the globe. As a sponsor, your organization will be highlighted in front of a growing number of educators, kids, and parents―nationally and internationally. Put your name at the center of where children's health, education, and technology are converging.

Partner with us in our mission to inspire children and their families to make healthy choices that last a lifetime. Your sponsorship will not only be appreciated by the growing number of LearntobeHealthy.org members, but you also will be recognized for making our unique on-line lesson plans and engaging, vivid activities accessible to teachers, parents, and students. USA Today has recognized our site with a "Best Bet for Educators" Award. We believe we are your "best bet" for making a positive impact on the lives of thousands. Together, we can truly make a difference.

Beyond being featured on our website (with a live link to your site), sponsors have been included in press coverage of LearntobeHealthy.org, through television, newspaper, and on-line media.

Add LearntobeHealthy.org to your family, health, and educational outreach investments.

If your organization shares our goal of educating and inspiring students to make healthy choices, contact us to learn about becoming a sponsor of LearntobeHealthy.org.

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There are more than 30 million elementary students and 1.8 million elementary school teachers in the United States alone.

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