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Mental Health Education

Few things impact our lives more than our mental well being. Providing students with a professionally designed program in mental health education will give them a better understanding of the importance of mental wellness. As part of their commitment to helping children develop healthy lifestyles, the Byrnes Health Education Center has created a series of mental health education lesson plans available through LearntobeHealthy.org.

Mental Health Education Games and Activities for All Age Groups

The journey to good mental health begins the moment a child interacts with the outside world. From that point on, children have to learn how to cope with all the influences around them. As children grow older, those influences change and pressures increase. The mental health education lesson plans at LearntobeHealthy.org were developed to meet those challenges for every age group. Mental health education games and activities are available for children and teens in grades K-12, addressing such areas as healthy decision making, developing positive self-esteem, handling stress, bullying, and respecting and accepting differences. LearntobeHealthy.org also offers Mental health education lesson plans for grades K-12.

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