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Dental Health Education

LearntobeHealthy.org strives to reach the goal of inspiring students – and their families – to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime. As part of this goal, LearntobeHealthy.org realizes the importance of having clean, healthy teeth. Dental health education for kids will teach your children and students how good dental hygiene will keep their teeth looking beautiful, no matter if they are primary or permanent. LearntobeHealthy.org offers a variety of engaging dental health education lesson plans and dental health education games and activities that will teach your children proper dental health habits.

Dental Health at Home

At home, encourage your children to actively take care of their teeth. If they are educated on the importance of good dental hygiene, they are more likely to practice proper dental health habits. Take a peek at our dental health education lesson plans, as well as our games and activities, for information and ideas on how to relay this information to your children.

Dental Health in the Classroom

Students will love the adventure that Tex the Tooth, the local sheriff of the Old West, takes them on as you play our dental health education games and activities. Check out the various activities LearntobeHealthy.org has to offer, on topics such as why teeth are important, the differences between primary and permanent teeth, what foods to stay away from and those that are cleansing, how cavities form, how to brush your teeth and when the appropriate times are to brush your teeth. Our dental health education lesson plans will surely direct your efforts at showing your students the importance of proper dental hygiene.

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